Bioplin Proizvodnja d.d.

Biogas Plants is a waste processing complex with the production of fertilizers and biogas, which is used in power plants to generate electricity and heat.


The name of the Plant: Bioplin Proizvodnja d.d.;
Capacity: 1 MW;
Сommissioned in 2019.

General Information

The biogas plant “Bioplin proizvodnja d.d.”  with a capacity of 1 MW is located in the town Slatina, in the Viroviticko-Podravsky region, the Republic of Croatia.

This biogas plant utilises organic materials to generate biogas, a renewable fuel source and in turn renewable power through cogeneration, combined heat and power.

A significant proportion of biogas primary energy is consumed for agro-industrial complexes located nearby, or for own requirements of
biogas plant (heating bioreactors, the drive mechanisms).

Large-scale introduction of biogas technologies support the economic growth and development of the country. Implementation of renewable energy technologies offers a chance for economic improvement by creating a market for producing companies, maintenance and repair services.

The first start-up of the biogas plant began in 2017 and started operating at full capacity in 2019.

About the plant

Contact Information

Head office: Gregurovec 23, 48267 Orehovec
Location: Antuna Mihanovića 19, Medinci, 33520 Slatina
Company’s Registration Number: 080867949
VAT: 36078253086
IBAN: HR4223400091110767134
Phone: +385 48 850 134

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