Bioplinara organica Kalnik 1 d.o.o.

Biogas Plants is a waste processing complex with the production of fertilizers and biogas, which is used in power plants to generate electricity and heat.


The name of the Plant: Bioplinara organica Kalnik 1 d.o.o.;
Capacity: 2.4 MW;
Technology: NAHTEC GmbH;
Producer: NAHTEC GmbH and Hidroregulacija d.d.;
Initial investment: HRK 59,789,669.00;
Сommissioned in July 2016.

General Information

In September 2016, the biogas plant Bioplinara organica Kalnik 1 with a capacity of 2.4 MW was put into operation in the municipality of Sveti Petar Orekhovets, in the Koprivnitsa-Krizhevsky region, the Republic of Croatia. The construction of the biogas plant began in 2015. The first start-up of the plant was in May 2016, and in July 2016 the biogas plant started operating at full capacity.

  • 35,000 tonnes of corn silage are used annually to generate electricity.
  • The biogas plant produces 60,000 tons of digestate per year. Digestat is a high quality organic fertilizer
  • In 2018, more than 18,000 tons of biodegradable waste were disposed of.
  • In 2019, a contract was signed for the management of biowaste disposal in the city of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia.
About the Plant

About the Project

»Improving the efficiency of the company Bioplinara Organica Kalnik 1 d.o.o. introducing advanced ICT solutions«

Reference: KK.
Project value: 1.306.541,20
Grant: $ 758,295.00

The overall goal of this project is reducing the impact on the environment by producing renewable energy production from biowaste products.

Main benefits of introducing biogas technologies into the structure of agro-industrial enterprises are are to transform biowaste material into a quality fertilaizer thus reducing waste, and providing valuable green energy.

The production of biogas plants in the Republic of Croatia is a very relevant and economically profitable investment, considering that currently there is a tendency for the development of the agricultural sector. The development of a national biogas sector contributes to increase the income in rural areas and creates new jobs

Contact Information

Head office: Sv. Petar Orehovec 135, 48267 Sv. Petar Orehovec
Location: Gregurovec 23, 48260 Križevci
Company’s Registration Number: 010079826
VAT: 69972253924
IBAN: HR 9023400091110962210, PBZ d.d.
Phone: +385 48 850 134

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