VDM Energija d.o.o. – Viljevo

Biogas Plants is a waste processing complex with the production of fertilizers and biogas, which is used in power plants to generate electricity and heat.


The name of the Plant: VDM Energija d.o.o.;
Capacity: 1 MW;
Сommissioned since 2018.

General Information

The biogas plant with a capacity of 1 MWh is located in the municipality Viljevo, the Osijecko-Baranja region, the Republic of Croatia.

The biogas plant was commisioned to allow harmless processing of different types of organic wastes into biogas while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and odors.

Biogas technology enables:

  • to prevent and sort waste accumulation, which most often ends up in landfills;
  • to use biowaste for converting biogas into electricity, electrical and thermal energy and biomethane – an analogue of natural gas;

One of the most important advantages of biogas technologies is renewable source of energy. Organic materials can be reproduced, making biogas a green energy source. It also lessens the damaging impact and improper wastes disposal.

The first start-up of the biogas plant began in July 2016 and started operating at full capacity in 2018.

About the plant

Contact Information

Head office: Gregurovec 23, 48260 Križevci
Location: Kralja Tomislava 9, Cret Viljevski, Viljevo
MBS: 010073895
OIB: 37045165848
IBAN: HR 4723400091110774901, PBZ d.d.
E-mail: info@bioen.eco
Phone: +385 48 850 134

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